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 Darkness comes and I'm dying again!

 I wish just like the soul, into which I fell in love, I died and didn't remember anything. I always loved the same, but I wouldn't be so burdened mind all the time. You will die and born again without memories of what it was. But I will not die, I am condemned always to meet you and know that you will not have the slightest idea who I am. I meet you and know that I bring you the bad times. Perhaps one day I break free and find the courage to at least one life, say how much you mean to me. If not, let me die.

Dean put down his father's diary and barely the boards touched table, he felt peculiar feeling a shiver air. He always knew that Castiel appeared, thus always not. It took a while before I got used to Castiel, who man also just managed to get used to it, that has plumed friends from Heaven, who will come anytime and anywhere? In addition to that, add the fact that Castiel had no idea about things like personal space, or needs of mortals. I already haven't counted the situations when Castiel in front of me just appeared at the most inconvenient moments at a minimum distance. I tried to explain him it several times, but so far unsuccessfully.
Fortunately, now Castiel stood a few feet away and blue eyes wandered around the room, perhaps as if he didn't see Dean. This time I think that I kept right distance from him, such as required from me, but I wasn't sure. For all other I have managed, but when it came to Dean, everything was confusing.
“Where have you been?” Dean asked.
“Jerusalem,” Castiel answered and took a few steps to Dean.
“Oh! How was it?”
“Arid,” Castiel said his typical monotone voice and put some kind of a vase on the table. Dean frowned not only over Castiel's curt reply, but i wondered what had brought.
“What is that?”
“It's oil. It's very special… and very rare,” Castiel muttered and sat down on a chair.
“What are we gonna do, trap Raphael with a nice vinaigrette?” Dean doesn't withheld one of his cutting remark.
“No, we are not going to cook with it,” said Castiel, who apparently didn't notice that it should be a witticism.
“So this ritual of yours, when does it have to go down?”
“Sunrise. We have to perform the ritual at sunrise.”
“Tell me something, you keep saying we're gonna trap this guy, but isn't that like trapping a hurricane with a butterfly net?” Dean said another sarcastic comment.
“No. It's harder,” Castiel replied and Dean for a moment he wondered where his angel learned so dry answers. Finally Dean came to the conclusion that Cas doesn't realize the essence of his responses and he just tells the truth. It was disarming. They had always so little chance to succeed and Cas decided to fight at their side?!
“Do we have any chance of surviving this?”
“You do,” Dean leaned back and tilted his head.
“So odds are, you're a dead man tomorrow?” Dean deduced from Castiel's response.
He didn't want to hear this answer from Castiel. The winged bastard never think to himself, actually, how many times he saved me. He feel free to die and what? He doesn't care about it. Quite so a brilliant plan: mainly protect Dean Winchester! He crossed the room while kept an eye on Castiel. “Well, last night on earth, what are your plans?” he asked, while pronouncing the words very slowly, emphasizing each syllable.
Castiel paused for a moment before answering, as though hesitating. “I thought I'd just sit here quietly,” he finally said. Dean furrowed his forehead in an expression that said: Are you kidding me! He shook his head, and on his face appeared to him that provocative expression.
 I swallowed, this his look, I hated from the heart. It was the look of the hunter who is approaching to his prey... before it, before it what? And yet I wanted often seen the look, even if I had to be eaten. These ideas weren't good for anyone. I knew that I should be ashamed. I knew that if I had confided her before a few centuries ago with it, surely she would be condemned me. No, even if I told Dean now, he would, as he says ... oh yes, to kick my angelic ass.
“Dude, come on, anything? Booze, women?” Dean continued on. Castiel startled yanked himself and he evasively looked around the room as if he was looking for something where he could hide. However, he found nothing. “You have been with a woman before? Or an angel at least?!” This was too much. I prefer to disappear somewhere far away and yet I knew that this is probably my only chance to tell Dean. I didn't tell him, but even I didn't disappear. I was afraid that I will lose him by that. Indecisively I fidgeted and I scratched on my neck.
 This is incredible! So Cas is really an angel with everything even with the innocence. Righteous, mighty, pious and pure innocence. In the belly, I felt that I flew open thousands of butterflies, and the corners of my mouth began to twitch uncontrollably in a fit of laughter. It wasn't fair to Cas. But I couldn't help myself. Castiel was an angel, but the fallen Angels and I decided to show him why it is good that there is something between Heaven and Hell. I wanted to show him everything for what he fights. With this I didn't count, but in the end why not..
Dean crouched to Castiel and emphatically raised his eyebrows to show his surprise. “You mean to tell me you haven't been up there doing a little cloud-seeding?” Dean still annoy him, but he already knew the response from Castiel's nervousness, or at least the he thought that he knew.
“Look, I have never had occasion, okay?” muttered Castiel, but it was only a mere half-truth. What I said was true. However, it didn't mean, that I have never loved anyone. It meant only that I had no opportunity. Throughout my existence, I love only one soul. But I loved it so much that It ripped me into small pieces and it threatened me that I will lose my wings. The soul was beautiful and infinitely complex. However, in all that time I received from her/him only three passionate kisses. It happened a few centuries ago, the soul was sentenced to guard of this world and I am committed to protect her/him. The soul is born every time while the danger and hard times are coming, but never could remember past lives. The soul is standing next to me. Why must to ask just HE?! I hardly can tell him the whole truth, I hardly can say that a few years ago he was a woman. I can hardly say he was an exorcist who commit to celibacy that before we've fought and died together, and that, as now, I would do everything for her/him.
Dean's mouth twisted into a horseshoe in an ironic grin and he walked over to the coat. He began to dress.
“All right. Lemme tell you something. There are two things that I know for certain, one: Bert and Ernie are gay. Two: you are *not* gonna die a virgin. Not on my watch,” Dean said confidently and closed his father's diary. “Let's go.” Dean ordered and Castiel seriously began to fear what Dean wanted to do, but Cas wouldn't waste a single moment, which could spend with Dean.

Darkness comes and I'm dying again!
Dean and Castiel have to face the apocalypse and save the world. The night before the difficult task is most peculiar. People tend to enjoy the last moments before they look in the face of despair. As though they wanted to say goodbye. Do have these tendencies also fallen angels? And it is really the biggest Castiel's nightmare, or is he afraid of another fate?

 Greeting Card to old friend for a birthday

 „The best mirror is an old friend.“ - Chinese Proverb


“Can I come in?” Spencer said from the doorway husky voice.
“Sure, sweetie,” I cooed, but I pulled my gaze from the monitor. I heard that Spenser went inside, closed the door and sat down in the chair next to me. With interest I turned to him and looked at him. He pulled from his pocket a lollipop, unwrapped it and stuck it into his mouth.
“So tell me, my child prodigy, with what I can help you?” I asked him.
“With nothing, I just came to say hello,” He shrugged his shoulders innocently.
“I don't believe,” I shook my head.
Young genius sighed. “I was just wondering if you could get past security UNIT?”
“UNIT?” I blinked in surprise. I knew about the organization. Thus I knew of its existence, that is international, but has headquarters in the UK, it sometimes takes our cases that are even stranger and nastier than normal, but I just knew what was rumored among hackers. They say that UNIT have impossible, otherworldly technology. Every good hacker had a dream that one day manages to put on knee their protection and will have access to all of their secrets.
“Yes,” my child prodigy nodded and sucking a lollipop. I was not surprised that Spencer knows UNIT, eventually he was a genius and he knew everything. However why is he asking for this? Why came up with this? “I want you to go there to hack,” he said simply.
“Why?” Another shrug.
“It's not bad, I just want to congratulate for my old friend's birthday.”
“Your old friend works in UNIT? You're old friends? No, dear, that you... but if I know...” I began to jabber with surprise. We all know how sad life of our genius had before he had entered the BAU, as well as the fact that here it was barely better. We knew that before he had not a lot of friends, so you can't wonder that I was surprised by the information. Not only that Spencer knew someone outside the team so that he would like to wish all the best, but the man worked at UNIT! In That UNIT! It was claimed that in the mysterious UNIT work only people who theoretically don't exist. “Why didn't you send him just email or Greeting card?”
“That would be quite boring and he likes to having fun. Don't tell me, Garci, that it's not for you to a challenge,” He nudged me and I had to smile. Yeah, it was! It was absolutely great challenge that I can't miss this. However young genius frowned for a moment. “To break the system you will need higher performance computers and nenrofeutarasier,” he muttered, more to himself.
“I'll need… what?” Spencer didn't answer. He took the lollipop, picked up a few of my stuffed animals, hair clips, lipstick and a pencil, he bent down under the table to the computer and pulled from it out of several cables. He was doing something there for a moment and then climbed back empty-handed. He took out his pocket a magic wand and shone on the computer. With a small "Bbzzzzz" computer monitor flashed twice, and then appear on the screen in the middle window, which reported: “New program was installed, the computer was connected to the new device available nenrofeutarasier, performance HExm 5420 AMG.” I blinked in surprise, but Spencer smiled with satisfaction.
“That should be enough, now it would not be any harder than it break through security FBI,” he said and winked at me. Suddenly he hit to the head and even he took from the pocket a grubby piece of paper. He handed it to me.
“Good luck and health immortal Captain Jack Harknessovi to his 650 birthday, wishes Doctor,” I read aloud.
“Yeah, it would be nice if it hung on the main page. Great flashing message across the screen,” He smiled. “Thanks Garcia're great, really amazing,” He kissed me on the forehead and stalked out of the room before I could say anything. To six hundred fiftieth birthday?! Captain Harkness? Immortal? What the heck? That was a joke, right? It Chased through my head, perhaps it was associated with some memories, play, what they had played in childhood or something like that... I threw it over head and did I just do what my friend asked. Finally, Dr. Spencer Reid might have been open, honest and absolute sweetheart, but I knew that we don't know everything about him. He was hiding something, something big and dark, and yet was greater mystery that I was in team profiler the only one who noticed it as soon as I had seen him first time.

 „Here is my secret. It is very simple. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; What is essential is invisible to the eye.“ - The Little Prince

 Two hearts

 „The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof.“ — Richard Bach


It was late and dark when I returned home from shopping on Friday. Will was on a business trip, so I let Henry babysitter Spenci. I was expecting when I push the key in the lock, they both throw themselves at me, but it didn't happen. Everywhere was turned off and silence. Immediately I started to scare away in the spirit. After Hotch has been attacked by Foyet in his own home, I didn't feel safe anywhere. Fortunately my two men curled up on the couch in the living room and happily dozed.
I put my purchases on the counter and walked over to them. I slowly pulled away Henry from Spencer's embrace, so I didn't wake either one, which I obviously failed because Spencer immediately noticed that Henry is gone. Slenci slowly blinked sleepily at me and rubbed his eyes.
“JJ,” he blurted out in surprise. Immediately I put a finger to his lips in a gesture in order he will be quietly. He was awake, but Henry not yet so he didn't have to wake him up. I took Henry up to his room and put him to sleep. A little after all he woke up and mumbled something about uncle Spenci has two hearts. Such foolishness! What were those two doing again when I was gone? No, wait, Reid still gets a scolding!
I walked down to where Spenci already expounded purchase and he looked considerably more alert. “Did you let Henry to watch some of your favorite sci-fi again?!” I accused him sternly and put hands on hips with rather more feigned than real anger.
Spenci blinked in surprise at me. It seemed that was really sincere. “No, why?”
“Because Henry muttered, when I put him to sleep, that you have two hearts! So what have you playing?!” I questioned.
“Oh, so that's about it. No, JJ, I am in that innocence, I just Henry showed some spells and then we talked about how much I love you both.” Spenci threw at me innocent look.
“Yeah, clearly Reid, How much do you love us?” I asked with a laugh.
“JJ,” he said, taking my hand which clutched at his chest. It was strange, Spenci usually doesn't sought physical contact, hated it, and this was so intimate gesture. “I thought, you know that you and Henry, you have in both my hearts totally special place.” In both yours hearts! I hit him. Such a touching moment, and he goes wrong with silly quirk. “Ouch! What was that for?!”
“You did! At such a time you make fun!”
“I didn't, I love you,” he was defending himself and looked at me in the eye seriously. At that moment, it was not anything important, and I was willing to forgive him absolutely everything, it was after all our little genius Dr. Spencer Reid, my Spenci.

 „A smile takes a moment, but sometimes we remember it for whole life.“ - Unknown author

Two hearts
Well, FF series Criminal Minds and Doctor who.
Dr. Spencer Reid is a Doctor who... Doctor who, doctor of what?

 Hatred to weapons

 „Heaven sends us friendship so that we can open up our hearts and find relief from the mysteries what suppress us.“ - Anton Chekhov Heaven


Since the first moment I knew it was something about him. Since the first day when Gideon brought him, the seemingly defenseless young man who seemed so introverted, reclusive, avoiding any contact, but still he can manage to read people like books 20,000 words per minute. In my mind I laughed at my joke. Reid has been extraordinary. Not only because has been an "expert of everything" with his, eidetic memory and high IQ, and has been an exceptional man. The horrors what he get passed, his sick mother, a father, who abandoned them, bullying in schools, and what he has seen at work, it wasn't easy. And yet he retained child's naivete, innocence and he has been an idealist. I have never met a more courageous and cleaner man in his actions as well as goals.
But worst blow was the incident with Phillip Dowd. I had to attack him, both verbally and the kick him brutally, and although I know he understands that it was only manipulation to make the he can go unnoticed and got to my guns on the ankle, but it was disgusting and unforgivable. I felt like a traitor, I abused his trust. He told me that he's okay, but how can be okay after something like that? How could anyone able to be okay after this!
But perhaps in that there was something else, what I did not know, what none of us knew. Reid, as I said, he has been a great man, but in him has been something else. Something what isn't ordinary, what couldn't be understood. He was open, but still I felt a grain of secret which it got slowly to the surface. I heard a conversation, which have the young man and his mentor. It was good that Gideon decided to speak with him about it, but why it did suddenly seemed ridiculous and false. I saw it, Reid absolutely something troubling, but it was not quite that what he told us. The first time he killed somebody, killed and felt nothing. I'm his boss and friend, but I pretended that I betrayed him, both physically and mentally, I hurt him, but none of that was the main thing... But if I was right, what was that? What could be worse?
Hesitantly, I knocked on the door of Reid's house. Quite a long time nothing happened, so I wanted to leave, but then the door finally opened and Reid's head peered with a bright smile.
“Hotch, I was not expecting you. What brings you into my kingdom of silence and peace?“ welcomed me.
“I would like to talk,” I said, it sounded hollow and empty. “Can I come in?”
“Sure, sure,” he said still with a smile youngster, opened the door and motioned hands, and I will not hesitate to let. My youngest member of the team seemed to be absolutely fine. Maybe I was wrong; I didn't have to do anything here. Hesitantly, I went inside. “Make yourself at home. Do you want tea or coffee?” he asked me, still I haven't closed the door.
“Coffee,” I replied and Reid immediately disappeared somewhere into the living room. Oh, wait in the living room? Why he didn't go into the kitchen?
I followed him and gradually I began to realize that I have never been in his house, I just always imagined it at his house must look like. I was surprised that he didn't have mess here. Actually, it can't be when he had a minimum of things. It was just like in a hotel room. There were the usual equipment, especially furniture, but the shelves were empty. He had not at the eyes no personal thing, nor things to maintain himself or house, most of the shelves was empty, as well as the walls. I wondered. If I opened a drawer, there should Reid things, or would be utterly empty? Actually he lives here? This couldn't be trusted. The only thing pointed to Reid's presence was a kind of blue box with the inscription “Police box” in the corner of the room next to television, on which were a few special sculptures composed of several ordinary things. Three moving sculptures “the modern art”, maybe even Reid's work.
Reid disappeared somewhere. I had bad feeling about this, but I obediently sat down in a beige chair and I strained me ears whether I will hear the rattle of a kettle. Nothing! I closed my eyes and put my head in hands. I was trying hard not to think. Not to think about what happened and why I'm here. Not to think about how looks like Reid's house, because I will profiled nothing good. I tried not to think about that now me young man has disappeared without a trace, and I had been just a few steps behind him at his apartment. Somewhere there's got to be?!
As if on cue, the door the blue box opens and Reid marched out of it with two cups of coffee and with the same calm and smiling, as he had welcomed me before. He handed me one and sat down beside me on the sofa. I suspiciously eyed him and then the drink.
“Did you brewed it in the blue box?” well, of all the questions what I had, I asked the dumbest, but it seemed that the young genius understood it. He stopped smiling nervously bit to his pink lips and looked away.
“Something like that,” he replied evasively, but then decided to reassure me. “Hotch, I...” young man hesitated slightly. “I know how it must look like, but not all is as it seems. What you see... how should I say it? This place is not exactly where I live.” I wanted to sarcastic retort that I have noticed, but that would be stupid. Reid hesitated, evidently he was not sure of my reaction, he was afraid. Respond to him in this way I would disappointed Reid and lost his trust forever.
“Okay, but where do you live? Why didn't you report that you moved? You know, it's necessary, what if something happened and...” I began, but he quickly silenced me with a gesture of one hand.
“I didn't move. Just... let's say that there are still other rooms and there I live. This is like the welcome hall. It is more secure,” Suddenly the young genius laughed. “Now it sounds like I suffer from strong paranoia,” I don't think it was very funny. The truth was that with all this crap in his life, I don't even wonder. “But it's not just about it,” he began to assure me. “It is a habit of, what people usually expect and...”
“Reid, you do not have to explain anything to me. Then, what you experienced and what you see every day at work, I can't blame you, or even to judge you. One day my friend said that paranoia is sometimes just a healthy awareness of the situation. I laughed and told him he was crazy, and then mafia killed him. It transpired that he was pursued for years.”
“Hotch, I don't have fear of death. Actually, I'm sure the first time in many years of my life I am ready, when it to knock on the door, I will let it to enter,” It was a frightening sentence. Perhaps Reid wants to commit suicide?! He suffers from depression?! And why he is saying such horrible things? And how come it does not sound as from a young person maybe he is in a depression, but... No, these were the words of the old man. A man who had seen a lot and experienced. So that's what's bothering him, such an influence has the work of a young genius?! Something is terribly wrong with him, so much wrong! How did I not notice it, how can I call myself the profiler?! I was shocked. But my friend sighed loudly.
“Whatever I say anything, with each of my word it will sound worse. Sorry, I should have realized what you think of when you say something like that. Don't worry, I'm not going to commit suicide, nor unnecessary risk, ie not more than usual, or I am not suffering from depression. I just simply said, as it is. There are far worse things?” most people would have laughed. What could be worse than death? But Reid was right. I saw the real suffering of the victims, what did unknowns them, on own eyes. Jack's death would have been worse for me than my own. I had to agree, but that doesn't mean that troubled me how mature for his age but dark thoughts my colleague has.
There was a long silence. We both sipped coffee and I still furtively looked around the living room. Above all I researched the shelf with the moving sculptures.
“So what was the thing you actually wanted to talk about with me?” he finally asked.
“Dowd,“ I answered in one word. Reid frowned.
“I told you, I'm fine. I'm no crazier than normal. Don't worry about it. Anything unusual happened. In a situation like this one I already was. Believe me, the best thing you can do is to go to sleep with a clear conscience,” He smiled at me kindly, but what he actually said? In what he was damned situation? Perhaps he had hurt somebody to save both himself and his? Than normal, than normal! Does he is fine?! Anything unusual happened! How can he ever say it!?
“Don't you know how it bothering me?” I protested slightly yet. Reid lifted the shirt to show me his belly and chest. The place where a few hours ago were terrible bruises has now been nicely spotlessly clean. It was impossible!
“I am absolutely fine,” insisted the young genius at its and he put back down his shirt.
“But... but... how...” I shook my head in puzzlement. “Well, in that case, I must again congratulate great hit and don't make excuses that you're headed to his legs. I saw what you did. It was a great hit from a professional. You saved us, me and everyone.”
“The man died, that's no reason to congratulations,” reminded me, but before I could say something, he began to hunt something from his pocket. After a moment he took out my gun. How could it fit into such a small pocket? “Here, I don't want it.”
“No,” I said. “You mastered the test. You had a right, you should have something to defend and you showed me that you can handle it. Maybe better than I do. The hit wasn't luck, but unfortunately, neither fetus of my training session with you,” I tried to persuade him.
“That's just it. My problem is not that I couldn't do it, but the hate for them. Today I killed a man. I did a thing I promised myself that it will be never happened. I have pledged to protect people, buy guns don't do it.” Thing he promised that it would not happen. Why it sounds as if he's ever done before? Well if that is so, I don't doubt that it happened in self-defense. Why only now I realize how few I know about Reid?
“Sometimes it is not an option,” I said. On the face of my colleague was replaced by sadness with anger.
“There is always the option! I understand that you perceive it, you're still young,” I am young! What is he then? “It must be!” he whispered dully. “Do you realize how many people, how many intelligent beings throughout time and space died, just because of the hatred and the fact that they had something like this,” He showed to the gun, which now lay on the coffee table between us. “How many sports are dealt with death, just because it was easier than looking for another, better way. How many wars and the slaughter, again and again,” Young genius spoke with sadness, anger and disgust, as though at each of those incidents he were. “How many genocides? What horrors have been invented? War and weapons changes the people, even the most purest beings turns into monsters!” The last sentence he spat with special bitterness and he paused for a moment before he has continue. “Weapons are different. You can kill also with the profile. You can force people to commit suicide. This didn't make you are no better person, as someone with a gun, just smarter. Having a weapon means have fear others. You can become famous, all-powerful. You can be intimidating by just your mere name. Drive away the whole army only by mention of you, and then find out that life in the shadows, is a better, safer for your loved ones, and others.” It seemed that Reid finished with a lecture and now he sadly staring into the cup. I could not say anything on it. He was right. He spoke in general, I could tell myself several times in Earth's history, which would support, but it was so special. He didn't talk as usual when we wanted to know the statistics, or something else. Was it indeed possible, that he speak of his experiences? It made sense to ask him? Would he say me about it? Probably not.
“Okay, I understand. But I'd be happier if you let it. Please, even if it will be just because I feel better,” I said. Reid nodded slightly, but he didn't touch the gun.

 “All war ends in negotiations. Why not negotiate before it begins?” - Nehrú Džavaharlár

Hatred to weapons
Well, FF series Criminal Minds and Doctor who.
Dr. Spencer Reid is a Doctor who...     Doctor who, doctor of what?
Chmurný tento svět
Chmurný i veškerý květ
Chmurný beze světla
Chmurný bez citu a tepla

Probuď se a prozři
A uslyš lásky volání
Které ti tento svět projasní

"Tupé čučení do monitoru, či z okna" i tak kolikrát vypadá práce umělce.

Když vám napíši ahoj, nemusí to nutně znamenat to, že si se mnou musíte povídat, když máte něco jiného na práci, ale pozdravit je slušností.

Ano, soudit podle pravidel jenž jsme si stanovili, nebo podle toho jak se nám věci zdají dobré? Jestli jsme si vytvořili pravidla a souhlasil jsme s nimi, pak by jsme je měli dodržovat a nestěžovat si na následky, když je porušíme. Avšak háčkem jsou pravidla samotná a jejich tvorba. Je totiž těžké popsat realitu a množství proměnných, co se můžou v případu naskytnout,a pokud se to podaří, je pravidlo samo o sobě kolikrát tak těžké, že zapotřebí odborníků.
Nechť jsou věci takové, jaké mají být...
správné :-)

Člověk se rodí nejdříve jako krychle, až později ho ostatní ledé otlučí a on se začne kutálet.

Jednej vždy tak, jak nejlépe dokážeš a věř tomu, že lépe na tvém místě s tvými schpnostmi se zachovat nešlo.

Škoda, že většinou své chyby tak snadno opravit nemůžeme. Avšak kdybychom mohly bylo dobře? I díky chybám jsme tím čím jsme. Kdybychom chyby nedělali, těžko bychom se mohli nazývat lidmi... Některé chyby obohacují šňůrku našich korálku, a jsou to chyby, které z věcí, co tvořil člověk svýma rukama, činí věci cennějšími a díky jimž poznáme, že je nedělal stroj. :-)

"Nejdřív práce a pak koláče." Blbost!... Takto bychom se těch koláčů nikdy nedočkali.


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Czech Republic
Všichni jsou blázni, jen já jsem letadlóóó

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