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Personal space

Dean had just enjoyed his hot shower, I know this sentence is a little clumsy, but as it actually was. Our hero was behind one of the heavy, very physically and demanding hunting in the cold weather and hot shower to him came really after all very good. Just hunter closed the water and picked up the soap, when he heard a strange sound, the closest it resembled a giant wing sweep, and behind Dean appeared an angel. Hunter jerked himself and in alarm and forcefully turned surprisingly he did not slip and did not hit himself with a small space in the shower.

"Shit, Cas!" slipped out of to his mouth in shock.

"Hello, Dean," Castiel respectfully greeted his ward. "Good to see you," even to the added to it one of the human greeting phrases that he just recently learned. Dean did not look too pleased with how quickly his angel teaches communication skills, no, he was rather annoyed as hell.

"Good to see me, good to see me," repeated the hunter, completely flabbergasted. "Fuck, Cas, I am taking a shower!"

Angel looked around, as if he only now noticed that he stand in the shower in his suit with a blue tie knotted askew, trench coat and men's dress shoes, but then look again turned to Dean. Castiel looked at him carefully from the tips at the feet to head and before his sight back again settled in Dean's vivid green eyes. "It seems," he said finally enlightenment.

"It seems! Don't kidding, Sherlock!" Dean started scream again and blushed.

"I do not understand. You're angry. Did I do something wrong?" Angel frowned and in the uncomprehending gesture cocked his head to one side.

"YES! Hell, I'm naked!" Dean snapped once, in a fit of rage, but then suddenly stopped.

"Yes, you are," said Castiel in the sudden silence. He still not understanding, what the problem is. Dean realized that maybe for unearthly a being, as was Cas, could be human habits and intimacy completely foreign concept.

Hunter sighed tiredly and nervously shifted his weight from one foot to the other. He suddenly had dumplings in his throat and he desperately began to realize the awkwardness of the whole moment. This will be hard! How could he have properly explained?

"Listen, Cas, I know that you have appeared about for a good reason. That you need urgently speak with me..." Dean said slowly and deliberately, Castiel nodded eagerly. "But people need something as personal space."

"Personal space?" repeated angel.

"Yes, personal space. You know, you can't just appear to someone in the shower, or be so close to him that your noses almost touching. Even when people are close... very close, friends or even brothers, are things ... intimate things... which they don't want the other people knew or see," trying to Dean.

It did not seem that would Castiel understood it. No, he still stood there and stared thoughtfully into Dean's eyes, as if seeking an answer. Dean was more and more nervous. But then Castiel finally said in his deep, husky voice: "But Dean, I'm the one who put you firmly grabbed and took out from perdition. I took you out of hell, and I know very well your soul, your hatred, your love, your fear, and all your desires. I took out you out of hell, and I was also the one who again compiled your body..." Castiel said, came one step closer to the hunters, as it was his custom, and Dean almost held his breath. "And not the only one detail on it, which I was not familiar..." breathed angel. If this sentence uttered his best friend, Dean could have sworn that it was meant to sound very erotically. No, it was probably the most erotic sentence he ever heard... My God, he will go to hell ... again!

Dean swallowed dry. "Yeah, I think now I understand where the problem is, but hmmm... Can you just follow these silly human things like personal space, no matter how absurd they are?" Hunter begged his angel.

"Okay, as you wish," nodded Dean's feathered friend.

Personal space
Cultural traditions can be a difficult thing to grasp, especially when concerns not only the people...

Clothes make the man

“Think for a long time whether or not you should admit a given person to your friendship. But when you have decided to do so, welcome him heart and soul, and speak as unreservedly with him as you would with yourself.” - Seneca


“Team, it is my honor to introduce to you our new addition Dr. Spencer Reid,” Hotch introduced us to a tall, slender, nervous, but curious-looking young man, who was standing next to him. The young man tried to smile and murmured something that should probably be “Hello”.

I frowned slightly, this job was often mentally challenging to me, definitely it isn't job for kids like him. I didn't understand, how Hotch and Gideon could bring here someone of his age and with a clear conscience, but maybe they ultimately knew what they were doing. At that the young man was still something special.

The boy nervously lips curled into a smile, but his eyes weren't laughing. Eyes were compared to the body of old, tired, directly bushed, brown, dark and sad, as the pain of the whole universe, and yet only one was a spark of childlike playfulness. They belied his young face, like as his clothes didn't match. It was from another time and space. He was dressed as if he didn't know what to wear or how to dress.

“Hmmm, shirt, tie, too loose pale brown pants tightened the belt and sweater as vest... I have nothing against it, but it's a little strange combination,” I followed up to talk to him so that I can better to know him. I was expecting the allusion to his dressed make him more nervous, It wasn't that I wanted, but I just was impressed with his appearance.
However the young man blinked and then laughed convulsively. “Yeah, well, you're probably right, and you still didn't mention my mismatched socks.”

“You wear mismatched socks?” I did not know what surprised me more, if the fact that someone can dressed like this, or that the young man so easily admits.

“Yeah, it's cool,” the young man whispered to my ear conspiratorially, and while nervously winked at me. And I couldn't do anything else than laugh out loud. I patted him on the back in a friendly way, and I haven't known yet that one day this freak will be my closest friend.

“OK, Pretty boy, by the way, I'm Morgan,” I introduced myself and shook his hand.
“Nice to meet you, I'm the Doctor, Dr. Spencer Reid.” Interesting, most people would say their first surname or first name, when they are representing, but Reid used first title.

“The most beautiful of all secrets is to be a genius and know it just yourself.” - Mark Twain

Clothes make the man
Well, FF series Criminal Minds and Doctor who.
Dr. Spencer Reid is a Doctor who...     Doctor who, doctor of what?
Here you can find a picture to this story:…

The angle of view

I have been visiting that café for ages and it is also a long time since I have noticed  that young man for the first time. He was tall, skinny and dressed in a shirt and tie, sweater and pale brown loose pants. His facial features were sharp with a distinctive big nose and sunken eyes that gave a dark tinge to his quite comical figure. The kid wasn't a Marine, he was too young, too hiccup, and seem to have low self-esteem. Nevertheless he wore a gun, he went to "the Marine Cafe" and he had the stare. The stare I have seen before on my face in a mirror.

I have been seeing this boy almost every day, except a few weeks, when I assumed he was out of the country, or at least out of town. Over the time, the boy looked worse, more and more desperate, lost and his eyes were darker and grimmer. The shadows around his eyes were no longer only shadows, but I would bet he had puffy eyes because of the lack of sleep and mental stress. I was almost sure, that he must work as I do as a federal agent, but not for us, maybe for NSA, CIA, or FBI. Nevertheless, I did not really know the boy and I hated other agencies. I bought him a coffee and sat down to his table. I did not know why I did that. Maybe today the boy looked even more desperate, or maybe I really am a father figure, who knows.

Today, the young man was sitting alone, gazed sadly out of the window. Startled he winced when I came to him and put in front of him a mug. He looked up at me with confusion and scare and shyness. He fixed his eyes on the cup, then at me and then back to the cup of hot drink. He opened his mouth, but after a while he without a word closed it, like a fish out of water. Perhaps he wondered if I want to poison him, but then probably he came to the conclusion that I don’t, because eventually he accepted the cup.

“I told myself, that I'd rather wait a while until the line vanish and then buy a cup, but… Well, thank you,” jabbered the young man embarrassed.

“You are welcome!” I smiled.

There was a long silence, we just were sitting there, sipping coffee and looking out of the window at the daily bustle of the city. After I drank my coffee, I got up and gave the boy one more friendly smile, wished him a good luck and left.
Since then, I have always drunk a morning coffee with him.

I was sitting in my favorite coffee room and waited until the line at the bar vanishes, so I could buy my morning coffee. I was at my usual table. The sun was shining. I watched people on the street, hurrying here and there, to school, to work for their daily duties. That I have done every morning. Normally this view calm me down, it brought me confidence that this is something that will always be the same, what will be here forever, but not today. Today it did not brought inner peace; on the contrary, I was angry at the world.
Damn, I was kidnapped, I played Russian roulette with the unknown, I was infected by anthrax, I killed to survive and not just once, but none of it was as bad as the time, when I have lost HER.

I was fully engrossed in myself. I hardly perceive the surroundings, so I was quite startled when suddenly a cup of coffee landed in front of me. I instinctively flinched and then looked in disbelief at the giver of that hot drink, whom I obviously amused by my reactions, because his lips for a moment flashed a smile. A rare smile if I could judge, according to the profile.

He was an older man with gray hair, but could be much older than Hotch. I think one of the types of people who begin to turn gray in college. With Hotch he had in addition to age, when I do not count that fleeting smile, the same unreadable. He looked like a soldier, but his eyes were not dark brown as Hotch’s, but clear blue, like the ocean. He didn't wear a suit, but far more informal clothes than my boss, jeans, shirt and jacket. Body posture seemed at first glance to be lax and relaxed, but if you looked more carefully, there was some internal tension in that pose. At the side of his body he had a revolver in a holster. If I met him on the street just once, I would think that he might be an employee of a security guard, a soldier or a policeman. However, considering the place, where I was and the fact that I had been seeing him here every morning, I'd guess the he was a former Marine, now working at the NCIS. He's always appeared in the same hour, and always bought two coffees, one for himself and the other one for, who knows, wife, lover, colleague... He always bought and gone, but today not. Today he bought three and sat with me.

I uncomprehendingly stared at the cup, I looked at him and then back again on the cup of coffee. What does it mean? I mean, It does not happened every day that a stranger buys you a cup of coffee, right? Well not to me. The possibility that he would like to poison me, did not come to my mind at that moment. It was a ridiculous idea. You would not try to give someone a poison in such a clear way, plus the man wasn't profile-tip of a cold-blooded killer, or at least not poisoner. No, no, this was not a bad thing, but on the contrary. A friendly gesture, you might say. It was quite nice, but maybe I'd be happier if it was the first case, because at least then I would know how what to do. Now I just blushed. I hope it wasn’t well visible. And I started to splatter something unintelligible.

“You are welcome!” he smiled and smiled again.

The long silence came but that didn't matter. We sipped coffee and I thought about life moments like this, such a gesture of support among the people. It lighted up the torches in the world of darkness, in another words it simply restored my faith in humanity. What he was thinking? I do not know. He finished his coffee and wished me a good luck, then he left.

I expected that it was just a fleeting moment, and tomorrow everything will be the same as usual, but it wasn’t. It wasn't over. And then there was the case of the dead Marine, and everyone was really astonished how I know the boss of the best NCIS team. Before I answered them, so I had known they will be laughing, because who would not laugh?

"Well, we ... we ... we drink a coffee together every morning."

The angle of view
Well, FF series NCIS, and Criminal Minds.
Dr. Spencer Reid and Leroy Jethro Gibbs, every morning, go to the same cafe...
One of my stories about coffee and the magical moment…
Chmurný tento svět
Chmurný i veškerý květ
Chmurný beze světla
Chmurný bez citu a tepla

Probuď se a prozři
A uslyš lásky volání
Které ti tento svět projasní

"Tupé čučení do monitoru, či z okna" i tak kolikrát vypadá práce umělce.

Když vám napíši ahoj, nemusí to nutně znamenat to, že si se mnou musíte povídat, když máte něco jiného na práci, ale pozdravit je slušností.

Ano, soudit podle pravidel jenž jsme si stanovili, nebo podle toho jak se nám věci zdají dobré? Jestli jsme si vytvořili pravidla a souhlasil jsme s nimi, pak by jsme je měli dodržovat a nestěžovat si na následky, když je porušíme. Avšak háčkem jsou pravidla samotná a jejich tvorba. Je totiž těžké popsat realitu a množství proměnných, co se můžou v případu naskytnout,a pokud se to podaří, je pravidlo samo o sobě kolikrát tak těžké, že zapotřebí odborníků.
Nechť jsou věci takové, jaké mají být...
správné :-)

Člověk se rodí nejdříve jako krychle, až později ho ostatní ledé otlučí a on se začne kutálet.

Jednej vždy tak, jak nejlépe dokážeš a věř tomu, že lépe na tvém místě s tvými schpnostmi se zachovat nešlo.

Škoda, že většinou své chyby tak snadno opravit nemůžeme. Avšak kdybychom mohly bylo dobře? I díky chybám jsme tím čím jsme. Kdybychom chyby nedělali, těžko bychom se mohli nazývat lidmi... Některé chyby obohacují šňůrku našich korálku, a jsou to chyby, které z věcí, co tvořil člověk svýma rukama, činí věci cennějšími a díky jimž poznáme, že je nedělal stroj. :-)

"Nejdřív práce a pak koláče." Blbost!... Takto bychom se těch koláčů nikdy nedočkali.


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Czech Republic
Všichni jsou blázni, jen já jsem letadlóóó

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